We come from Berlin

If a keen crafter ever decided to run a record label, it would probably be something like Workshop Records. The record listener in my life got these records in a special delivery from Germany last week, and I was rather taken with their hand-stamped labels and super minimalist aesthetic. Workshop, a Berlin-based label, favours low production runs and a personal touch that makes their vinyl design rather unique. The records have no title and no track listing, but I hear that those who desperately want to know can search on Discogs for details. Talk about keeping your design clean… it’s a bit of a purist fantasy, but I kinda dig it.

Workshop Records are available online and offline at Hard Wax in Berlin – a shop I visited once to pick up records for the same record listener. I felt conspicuously female amongst the hoodie-wearing, shy young music-loving men in the store, but the staff were nice, and couldn’t get over the fact that I’d come all the way from Australia with a dog-eared shopping list to pick up some of the more recent and obscure pieces of vinyl in store. There’s an interview with the founder of Workshop Records here, for those interested in musical philosophy at work behind the design.

:: Arwen ::


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  1. You guys might like our blog – typefaceaweek – and the “birds” typeface by Gabi Reith might be right up your street?

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