Vroom, vroom

Another Paper n’ Stitch find, Paige Russell‘s work recently caught my eye. She makes covetable things in white stoneware, and these pencil holders/vases/multipurpose objects are part of a series called North American Wild Life, which appeals greatly to my sense of humour. Paige also has a separate website with more stuff on it that you can request specially… but like me, you might be waiting to see if the Aussie dollar recovers from its delirious plunge before buying in USD. (How does it work that America’s economy goes down the toilet, but their currency stays stable, while Australia’s economy stays stable, and our currency goes back to being the Down Under peso? Wait, this is why I’m not an economist.)

I think the monster truck is my favourite. Or maybe it’s just those pencils somehow unlocking my secret love of blonde wood and primary colours.

:: Arwen ::


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