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I see your hanky…


… and I raise it with, er, another hanky. Technically, I realise ‘raising’ implies going one better, which one could argue I have failed to do. Perhaps I’m just adding to the general hanky theme. The one photographed beautifully above (thanks, P) is another Sally Scott one (thanks, Manabu) that I’ve already crumpled by wearing as a neckerchief. I love the pink and red together. Now if only Third Drawer Down did hankies as well… wait, they do.

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Humble instrument, etc II


Following on from my previous post on the joy of teatowels (and no, haven’t yet been into the shop… but soon, my pretties), I discovered more teatowels online at To Dry For (hats off for the pun) thanks to Sally and Dave. I’m cautious about mentioning online shops because of nasty postage costs (especially when the Australian dollar is still crap) but here it’s a not-too-bad £2 per teatowel. 

tplobsterl tppigeonsl tpgoosel

Of course, Australians are already familiar with the delights of cool teatowels. Third Drawer Down has been doing wonderful things with linen for a while. The difference between To Dry For and Third Drawer Down are the designs – Third Drawer Down uses original artwork from international and local artists. I received a beautiful one for Christmas – see below – but in all honesty, it’s too good to use for the kitchen. Instead, I’m sneakily getting it stretched over canvas to hang in the kitchen as a surprise for my fellow flat-dweller.


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