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Beat the GFC?


Yes, even the arse end of the earth, aka Australia, is experiencing the effects of the GFC. Those hard-up can now get a three-course lunch at the Parkview in Fitzroy North for not much more than a daily train ticket from Frankston to Melbs. It’s fair to say that many people are feeling less inclined to splash their cash, but there are still lots of free things to do… or ways of splash your cash in less abundant amounts. Exhibit A:


Yes, it’s this weekend. And Exhibit B, also this weekend:


Not to mention Exhibit C:


And lastly, Exhibit D (but watch out for the queues):

3_22-06-2009_6962 38_30-06-2009_6357 57_30-06-2009_5082

:: Arwen ::


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We Heart Bicycles

What better way to combine my love of bicycles with my love of design than with this Love bicycle? Kate and I went to the Design Made trade fair on Sunday afternoon (after hitting the Design Market, but more on that later) and spotted this prototype at the Love stand. Geneine Honey, the wonderfully named designer behind Love, let us know that this beautiful cardboard bicycle (about 1m x 1m) will soon be in production and available in stores, so stay tuned.

Five reasons why bicycles are the shiznit:

1. They keep you fit and healthy (just like Vegemite, but with less salt).
2. They don’t pump out carbon monoxide.
3. They give you crazy leg and butt muscles (like this… or maybe a little less).
4. They’re often faster than cars in traffic, and much easier to park.
5. They’re quiet and efficient, and they look great.

Above: a stand at the Design Made trade fair, Sunday 20 July 2008.

:: Arwen ::


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Design overload in 3…2…1…

L: Decoration + Design R: Projekta_57

Is one not enough? Must Melbourne have TWO design festivals at the same time? It’s like having your birthday on Christmas Eve, or trying to out-do your brother’s present on Mother’s Day – sometimes it would be more enjoyable for all involved if you either united to create a super-event (the combined present), or separated the two completely (only six months to wait until the next one). Our similes are impeccable, no?

In orange and black, we have the State of Design festival; in black and pink, the Melbourne International Design Festival. Different events, different speakers, different coloured fonts. Both have core programs to educate and inspire but it’s the satellite events that pad the brochures and catch our eye. State of Design call them “Design for Everyone”, while over at the Melb International Design Fest they’re “PopUp events”. Whatever they call them, they’re mostly free, so we don’t mind!

Here at O.W.L. we’re as overwhelmed by the deluge of design events happening in the next fortnight as you are. To conteract the full-to-bursting programs which can all too often lead to either Festival Fatigue or its opposite, Festival Fear (and thus avoidance), here are our top picks from the cornucopia of design offerings.


:: The Decoration + Design soft furnishings and interior products trade fair. Open to the public THIS SUNDAY from 1 to 5pm.

:: The Melbourne Design Market in the Federation Square car park THIS SUNDAY, 10am-5pm.

:: Projekta_57 at various businesses along the #57 tram route, “showcasing the design processes involved in furniture, home accessories, art and fashion production,” Saturdays 19 and 26 July.

:: Circuit, “an exhibition of wearable design which considers the ongoing feat of creativity” at Milly Sleeping, 157 Elgin St, Carlton, 17-27 July

:: The 4th Australian Poster Annual exhibition of finalists at BMW Edge in Fed Square, 17-27 July

We’ll hopefully see…

:: e.g. etal Jewellery Design Awards at e.g. etal, 185 Little Collins St, 16-24 July
:: Julia deVille – Prey at Eastern Market, 107 Grattan St Carlton, 16 July-3 August
:: 18 Chairs Escape (because Kate hearts bentwood chairs), at Thonet, 237 Napier St Fitzroy, 17-27 July
:: Architecture Awards – Exhibition of Entries at Urban Workshop, 50 Lonsdale St, 1-25 July
:: Houseplay (because we heart modern porcelain) at the Adelphi Hotel, 187 Flinders Lane, 17-27 July

We may walk past…
:: Vertical Garden @ Melbourne Central
:: 3 Tonne O’ Space

And when things quieten down, we’ll go to…
:: Design Now! National Graduates exhibition – on until 5 October, so relax!

L: Houseplay R: Prey by Julia deVille – photos courtesy the National Design Centre and State of Design

Melbourne International Design Festival homepage

State of Design Festival homepage

:: Kate and Arwen ::

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