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What is essential is invisible to the eye

We’re all busy focusing on non-OWL stuff right now so, as you can see, things are slowing down around here for the moment.

Now quick, look at these pictures before I make a terrible slowing down/speed bump segue:

Snake eating an elephant.. and slowing down

It’s either a hat or a very full snake, depending on your sensibilities. This one’s definitely a hat:

Slow down, pirate

Both were found on the streets of North Fitzroy, where the hipsters look greasy at you if you hold a table at Sugardough too long. Sorry.

See you ’round!

:: Kate ::



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Retro literature


Last Friday I took a whole bunch of books that I no longer wanted down to the Searchers on Smith Street, and while I was there trying to discard books, I acquired yet more. But how could I not?! Look at these beautiful old hardcovers I found – a set published by the Reprint Society ‘by arrangement with Chatto and Windus’, 1955. This lovely edition of Under the Net, above, has a dedication to Raymond Queneau (author of the very funny Zazie in the Metro, about a prepubescent French delinquent and her cross-dressing uncle) and a beautifully quaint quote on the inside jacket. Talking about damning with faint praise:

Miss Murdoch means us to be entertained. She means us also – at least some of us – to peer into the whirlpool of events and to laugh, sometimes, on the other side of our faces. Whatever her intention and whatever the amount of her success in achieving it, this novel is certainly the most original work of fiction published in the past twelve months.

dsc00065 dsc00063

Above and below are the other hardbacks that sat on the shelf with Iris Murdoch, also belonging to the Reprint Society series. I’ve never heard of any of these authors, though – has anyone? Or are they lost in the mists of literature? With catchy titles like The Enormous Shadow and Four Guineas, it seems incredible that these books didn’t become instant classics. Or at least make it onto the Year 8 English syllabus.

dsc00062 dsc00061

The Searchers
Secondhand books and records
Top end of Smith Street (near Gertrude, same side as the Commie Bank)
Fitzroy VIC 3065

:: Arwen ::

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I came, I saw, I gawked.

The Forty Thieves @ Gorker Gallery

If you haven’t heard already (from here, here or here), a new gallery’s opened in Fitzroy and they’ve got together a great bunch of artists for their first show. The gallery is Gorker, the show is 40 Thieves, the pieces are all 15×15 inches and the artists are many and varied – see here for a full list. Be ready for some familiar names like Miso, Tai Snaith, Bec Wheeler and many more.

I must be having a back-to-nature moment (year?), because my bird obsession is extending to trees and wood, and I’m having weird cravings to be surrounded by woodgrain. Creepy obliged by etching his work into a slab of lovely warm dark wood, and Miso countered with her gorgeously simple but perfect illustration of three feathers. But it was Bonsai’s Quail that stole my heart for the evening, with its simple but impeccable lines and colouring on a woodgrain background. Oh, I’m so predictable, aren’t I?

Get thee to the corner of Gore and Kerr Streets (Gor + ker, geddit?). There’s a great cross-section of artists and too many amazing, unique, detailed and desirable pieces to mention here, but it’s well worth a look because you’ll be hearing more about these guys.

Forty Thieves @ Gorker Gallery
On now until July 3

Corner of Gore and Kerr Streets, Fitzroy
10am-7pm Monday – Sunday

:: Kate ::

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