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Speaking of necks, and other body parts

This is an old one, but I’d like to share a wonderful 1967 short film by Danish director Jørgen Leth.

Not a lot to say really, except that I found it beautiful and strangely touching. And inspiring in a retro kind of way. And of course, I thought some of you may like the boots…

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Chapel Street sans the doof

Ok, so Chapel Street may not be my Melbourne precinct of choice, but let’s not forget that its history is much more interesting than its current style, and there’s still some class amongst the dodgy clubs. There’s Greville Street for a start, and Ammo and Gorman and the massive sales they have at the Prahran Town Hall.

This Saturday (tomorrow!) at ACMI they’re screening a doco by Lesley Sharon Rosenthal – author of Schmattes – called Chapel of Chic, about the history of fashion on Chapel Street since European migrants set up shops and studios there. She researched and made the film almost entirely herself, and will be speaking at the screening.

From the filmmaker’s notes:

You will visit the knitting mills, workrooms, studios and boutiques where you will meet the fascinating people who throughout the years, all put the ‘chic’ in the fabric of Chapel.

Decade by decade, as each generation impacts on the last, we find that Chapel Street was the pivot for the rise of labels like Prue Acton, Saba, Just Jeans, Jag, Lisa Barron, Jenny Bannister, Christopher Chronis, Gorman and Peter Alexander.

But this is not just a film about headline acts. It also emphasizes the important role retailers and boutiques played in mentoring fledgling designers. They dared to be different. Chapel Street was their proving ground, a kind of Australian fashion laboratory.

… so it probably won’t feature designer Ugg boots, 24-hour nightclubs and kebabs. I’ll be there.

The screening tomorrow is at ACMI in Federation Square at 4pm, including a talk from the filmmaker. Tickets are a measly $8.

More info at ACMI’s site here.

Chapel of Chic by Lesley Sharon Rosenthal

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