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Speaking of necks, and other body parts

This is an old one, but I’d like to share a wonderful 1967 short film by Danish director Jørgen Leth.

Not a lot to say really, except that I found it beautiful and strangely touching. And inspiring in a retro kind of way. And of course, I thought some of you may like the boots…

:: Reuben ::


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Open up (and up and up)

The O.W.L. inbox was graced by an email from the inimitable Tai Snaith the other day, alerting us to her open studio this Thursday and Friday evening – and she was kind enough to extend the invitation to… well, everybody.

As part of Craft Victoria’s Month About Making, the lattice metalwork doors of the Nicholas Building’s lift will be thrown open to studio voyeurs like me/you/us to pay homage to the artists and designers who brave the stinky wafts of Subway down below to produce beautiful things up above. It’s a wonderful building and there’s a host of creative-types in there, including a strong contingent of contemporary jewellers.

Tai is up on the 4th floor in Studio 11, which she shares with some similarly talented ladies – designer Nadine Treister, photographer Jo Duck and jewellers/makers of wearable art Emma Grace and Jasmina Krupic.

More than 20 studios, galleries and retail spaces (over eight floors, phew) will be awaiting your traffic this Thursday and Friday from 5 to 9pm. I’ve never been past the third floor and last time I was there I had a rather Alice-down-the-rabbit-hole experience, so I hope they have some good signage.

From the top and L-R: Illustration by Tai Snaith, wearable art by Emma Grace, jewellery and objects by Nadine Treister, jewellery by Jasmina Krupic (photographed by Jo Duck).

Open studios in the Nicholas Building
5-9pm this Thursday and Friday 28-29 August
Corner Flinders Lane and Swanston St, Melbourne

More info: Craft Victoria’s Month About Making: Open Studios program

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Postcard facade

Artist Carl Scrase shares O.W.L.’s fondness for free postcards, but has a slightly more kaleidoscopic approach than our recent show-and-tell. Perhaps this is how to make something of all those less than imaginatively designed cards advertising mobile phones? A vast improvement.

Carl Scrase – Hallucinatory Facade
(found postcards)
Image courtesy the artist

Carl was one of the artists in Next Wave’s House Proud series of exhibitions earlier this year, where each artist created a temporary installation in an art-minded volunteer’s house – a fantastic concept, albeit made somewhat less accessible by the disparate exhibition spaces. Lazy art lovers like myself were rewarded (or perhaps reprieved) last weekend at the Art Fair, with a showcase of the House Proud works. Although they undoubtedly would’ve been stunning in situ, I was glad to have seen them. As often happens, having that reprieve made me swear never to miss an exhibition again.

Carl Scrase on the National Association for the Visual Arts (NAVA) site

Next Wave Festival: House Proud

:: Kate ::

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Sticky in a good way

I’ve had a cold for the last few days (thanks, office) so my enthusiasm for anything but tissues and mandarins is pretty low at the moment, but today as I scraped myself from my desk I had a craving for something new. Not retail therapy new but really new, something to inspire me and shake me from this cloud of headfog. So I went to Sticky. They’ve got lots of new things there – zines, to be precise – and many of them are handmade and under five bucks. That’s my kind of new.

After a brief survey of the shelves I was quickly drawn to this:

Small Collection by Gracia Haby

And then I saw that it’s by Gracia Haby, better known (to me, at least) as one half of Gracia + Louise, a Melbourne-based artistic duo who make beautiful collages, drawings and prints. I was slightly disappointed that I hadn’t discovered a new artist to love – but only slightly, because I was delighted by the collages printed within, in that slightly whimsical vintage- and pattern-inspired style of hers. The colours are gorgeously rich, and there are little accents glued in by hand – a blue bird stamp here, a wallaby there, a tea cup and and an odd gilt stamp featuring musical angels towards the back.

Small Collection zine by Gracia Haby

Small Collection zine by Gracia Haby

Having found that, I turned to the other side of the shop in search of something even newer, something unknown, to satisfy my hunger for novelty… and found another Gracia Haby zine… and then one by the other half of Gracia + Louise, Louise Jennison! Louise is an illustrator, with a particular talent for polar bears.

The Gracia and/or Louise zines were clearly my favourite thing at Sticky, and I was consistently drawn to them. I tried to find something new, but ended up reconfirming my existing tastes. I did find another nice zine-y thing though, which I’ll show you another time. Patience!

Shop 10
Campbell Arcade (the Degraves St subway)

12-6pm Mon, Wed-Fri
12-5pm Saturdays

Gracia + Louise

Small Collection by Gracia Haby, $5.50 at Sticky or a bit more here on Etsy.

:: Kate ::


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Imagine the Next Wave festival. I do.

The cynic in me thinks the unwashed masses will see Kirsty Hulm’s Imagine Me & You, I Do and think it’s a rather elaborate campaign for X hot brand’s next perfume… but no! It’s art! And it’s there for its own sake, thank goodness. I’ve never hidden my love of public art, and this is no exception. So bold, so simple, so prominent, so right where you couldn’t miss it even if you barely look up from your iPod screen as you bump into others on your way home from work, or wherever it is you’ve been. You can’t help but look up in awe at its glowing hopefulness.

{ Imagine Me & You, I Do by Kirsty Hulm}
St Paul’s Cathedral, corner of Swanston & Flinders Sts

It’s part of the Next Wave festival, on now in Melbourne until the 31st. There’s a whole bunch of amazing projects happening around the place, all by emerging contemporary artists not afraid of an edge or two.

The Telepathy Project is another one I saw tonight, with a similar kind of endearment. Sean Peoples and Veronica Kent are in the windows of the Forum Theatre every day from 4:30pm to 9:00pm, completely separated from each other. Every 15 minutes they write down the outcome of their most recent telepathic exchange on time-coded Post-It notes, and stick them to the windows for all to see. I didn’t cross-check many of them – I’m not sure I’m qualified to comment on ESP-related science anyway – but the sweet drawings and overall sense of naivety about it all was quite charming. And would you look at their rooms! Photographic foresty wallpaper – his green and rainforesty, hers autumnal – lovely rugs and great lamps. Makes me want to convert my lounge room into a telepathy reception centre. Almost.

The Telepathy Project

{ The Telepathy Project, Sean Peoples & Veronica Kent }

Next Wave Festival
15-31 May 2008


:: Kate ::

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