Op-art necklaces, and lunch

The guy who runs the lunch deli on the floor below where I work takes a strange interest in my accessories – to the extent that he won’t  serve me my soup  & salad without first checking out my brooch/necklace/earrings and remarking delightedly on it to the decidedly less interested lunch ladies (yes, lunch ladies – it’s just like a school canteen). The occasional un-accessorised outfit gets a severe tut-tut.

After the Design Market the other week I ventured downstairs, hungry and with just a little trepidation, wearing my beloved new necklace by Thomas Seymour. Success! Mick liked it, and I got my lunch.

Bent Flat necklace by Thomas Seymour

Yes, it’s flat. I’m a sucker for a good optical illusion, particularly one rendered in steel – and so is Mick, evidently. You can contact Mr Seymour via his site to get one of these or another of his gorgeous geometric designs, or hold on to your horses until local stockists get wind of his talent.

NB: Honourable etched-jewellery mentions also go to  Nervous System and pseudorepublik.

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What better to do on a Sunday than read? Just finished Jasper Jones by Craig Silvey, an Australian writer, and thought it was worth posting the cover because you don’t often see this style on Australian books. It feels much more like a UK cover, Rob Ryan being a potential reference point, but this is a bit less cute and a little edgier. It’s an engaging read, too – for those of you who want to gain a deeper appreciation of the book (or just perv on the author), you can watch Craig Silvey talk about Jasper Jones online.


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Cacharel time machine


Okay, I have 60s fashion on the brain these days, but even my grandma can see that Cacharel’s most recent s/s collection is hittin’ up the Mad Men decade for inspiration, no? Look at these mini dresses! A-line coats! High-waisted skirts! Secretary fashion meets The Party, or something like that. It’s not particularly surprising, I guess, given that Eley & Kishimoto are now apparently designing for Cacharel (yep, the doctor’s waiting room is a great place to catch up on year-old fashion news) – see my various other posts on E&K’s retro looks.



It’s not a look you see much in Melbourne, as the love affair with skinny jeans continues, but there are still a few people (well, let’s be frank, girls) who wear vintage and mix a sort of 40s/50s/60s look to very cute effect, as per the following:


Courtesy of Melbourne Street Fashion


Courtesy of Street Peeper.

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She’s got the look


Allison Colpoys, we salute you. This talented young lady was recently named the Young Designer of the Year at the APA Book Design Awards, and with good reason. She somehow manages to have a distinct feel while creating very different covers – versatile but unique. She’ll be blushing right now too, because she’s also ridiculously humble. Read her being misquoted here at the Sydney Morning Herald, and see some more of her covers here.





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Viva Joan


Like many others, I’ve been spending far too many evenings staring at a screen watching Mad Men. I’m halfway through season two, and the costumes just keep getting better. Not only that, but I find myself mesmerised by Joan (above left) every time she appears on screen. When do we ever see women with curves like that on TV (outside of a Beyonce video clip)? Betty, meanwhile, (above right) may not have the curves, she does have that whole Grace Kelly thing down to a tee. Love the coat and gloves below.


In the last couple of months I’ve been poking around op shops for high-waisted skirts, with reasonable success (ah, but there are high-waisted skirts and high-waisted skirts… the cut can transform you from front-bottomed home economics teacher to Joan). Now all I need is a huge whalebone girdle to keep everything in tight and one of those crazy JP Gaultier-style bras.



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Red and pink


Max F Williams


Musician St Vincent


Sharad Gupta


Currey UK


An untrained eye

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Dance, magic dance


You learn something new everyday. My word of the week is ‘meggings’ – leggings for men. Avert thine eyes! Who would’ve thought the style of David Bowie circa Labyrinth would’ve made a comeback? Where did I learn such a word? Why, on James Cameron’s brand-new blog. James (pictured below… not above) and I met when I was writing an article last year, and over the past year or so I’ve enjoyed dropping into his shop and bugging him and his brother Scottie whenever I’ve been in the neighbourhood. Sadly, the shop is no more, which has greatly disappointed various menfolk I know. It may be back, but in the meantime those with a thing for classic men’s fashion can read James’ wisdom online.


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