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“Walk Party”

Am listening” to RRR and contrarily typing… according to the music, I should be walking. This directive comes from Spod, a maker of music and the guy behind a simple but curious idea… a fitness program of sorts, composed of nine twenty-minute original ‘fantasy/exercise podcast/mixes’, to be released weekly. This premiere mix is by Spod himself; guest artists will be producing their own inspirational (?) mixes for coming weeks. Apparently Spod adheres to the ‘twenty minutes, just three times a week’ theory that I recognise from late-night television.

I’m not sure I want to listen to Spod’s music thrice; parts of it are cool and there are some very amusing voice samples; there goes a helpful pointer to the halfway mark, there goes an ‘electronic motivation segment’ … hmm, it’s getting a wee bit annoying but it still beats the flimsy 90’s pop tracks that my Sunday morning New Body instructor insists upon, punctuated by her occasional tiny, “whoo”.

Anyway, taking or leaving Spod, I am feeling very grateful to RRR at the moment for keeping me entertained through long hours of work and will put my money where my mouth is during their sponsorship drive, which I think starts next week.

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Blog to blog


Does anyone else look at The Sartorialist? I wonder if it is something that you get hooked on periodically but only periodically. I am currently hooked, anyway.

Before I looked it up (recently), I really thought the Sartorialist was an old-time print publication and, curious though I was, I imagined that it would only be accessible to me by way of very large freight costs. As it happens, it’s just a blog – Scott Schuman’s picture blog; according to Wikipedia, it’s only been around a little while and I can’t find a reference to anything by the same name that pre-dates it. It is photograph after photograph of stylish person after stylish person but it’s not all the one kind of style in the way that many ‘street-fashion’ serials are. I find it inspiring – not because I covet a lot of the clothes but because it hints at joie-de-vivre, I think.

Unfortunately, my flats-wearing heroine above is a good two to three inches shorter than most of the women on the site (although that does make me want to act further on a recent Heels Experiment, which wasn’t altogether unsuccessful). More unfortunately, Mr. Schuman is not anti-fur. And while I’m on cons, the inanity of the comments is mind-boggling but… it appears I’m hooked on those too – I simply can’t look at an image without wanting to read that 23 people in a row thought OMG those shoes are Amazing.

Back to pro’s – another nice thing is that The Sartorialist doesn’t just feature lovely-looking ladies – there are lots of progressive dudes and natty older men photographed too.

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This little piggy

My sister-in-law is pregnant – ecstatically so, and exhaustedly so – which meant that her birthday last weekend was celebrated minimally, without processed meats, and with gifts going To Baby. It should have been easy to shop for a bird-sized unborn, but for the fact that its expectant parents have already bought or received boxes of toys and games, and clothes, and a car seat, and an ark. And I have a quiet loathing for designer baby belongings… I left the house with only one idea – to head to the Lost & Found Market on Smith Street.

As the Market has recently moved, I was sidetracked briefly by Dave’s Boutique, which is about to relocate as well (or Dave is, at least). I have scored here before, particularly since it split into two premises, but all the wares are now back together again and a serious rummage requires a willingness to shift two dusty stacks of vinyl in order to properly see the fold-up-chair, which is great but it’s eighty dollars and it’s sticky and there’s a plank loose on the seat.

I was quickly back on track, and crossing the road to a part of Smith that I rarely venture – between Victoria and Gertrude Streets. The new(ish) Lost & Found markets have street frontage (the former site opened out from a long, dark bottleneck), which makes the vast array of vintage goods look even more cheerful and rainbow-coloured. I really didn’t know what I was hoping to find but it wasn’t long before I was making mental calculations and calling upon staff to open up various cabinets. Within fifteen minutes I had chosen – several old picture catalogues for scrapbooking and card-making, a funny set of building blocks, plus adorable salt-and-pepper shakers (For Mummy) – and was happily charging over the road to the 7-11 for more cash, congratulating myself on being the best relative in the world.



The inside word is that, yes, the Market’s staff do prefer being able to see the weather from the service desk of their new home… but it won’t be long before they are taking shifts back at the mineshaft, as the original premises will be reopening for business as well.

:: Lee ::

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Where are they now?

forest front

Former Harvest cover-artist, designer and illustrator Marc Martin, has created an entire book of his own. It is a picture storybook called, ‘A Forest’, which means that the first thing that must be asked of it is – did someone have to chop down a forest so that it could be made? Happily, the answer is no. Marc’s book is made from 100% recycled paper and printed using vegetable ink.

It is simple in format, and despite the absence of many things I like about books – end papers, title page, dedication, typographer’s note – I’ve enjoyed looking at ‘A Forest’ a lot. The story is a small and quiet idea, with a rather wistful post-apocalyptic end; the writing aids the circularity of the narrative but is otherwise a basic vehicle for Marc’s wonderful illustrations. These vary in style from the naive to something a bit more careful and geometric, even decorative – to nice, fat watercolour blotches. Like all good picture books, the more you look at ‘A Forest’, the more you see…

… I had fun identifying an unusual variety of trees in Marc’s forest, including succulents and pines, fir trees, upside-down trees, octopus trees, fairy-bread trees, and tall women trees wearing broad-brimmed hats.

‘A Forest’ is available from:

Metropolis Books, Curtin House, City
Brunswick Bound bookstore, Sydney Rd, Brunswick
Monkhouse Design, Lygon St, East Brunswick
In the Woods, High St, Northcote
Greville St Books, Prahran
Artisan Bookstore, Gertrude St, Fitzroy
and Ariel Bookstore in Sydney

forest back

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Tracing steps…


My chaperone into this great blog is the ‘Cat with the firefly lantern‘, who – with golden ears and dexterous tail – was also my guide through the latest exhibition of work by Jennifer Martin, at e.g.etal downstairs. Jennifer Martin is a jeweller and story-teller, with an ever-changing repertoire of themes, materials and techniques. Each medium is used in turn to inspire the others – to the heights of felt-stuffed clouds, or the depths of cut-paper waves – or simply around the way, for a spot of imaginary conversation. Her work is always funny and exquisite, and I can’t think of a much better first-time recommendation than, ‘Taking the air with Master Basho and Maestro Ravel’


* * *

… The unfortunate postscript to this review is an admission that the official exhibition has ended (I’m sorry!) – technical difficulties meant that my post went from being last-minute to almost all too late. I say ‘almost’ because I snuck back to the gallery/shop yesterday and found reasons to persevere: not only are selected pieces from ‘Taking the air…’ still on display and others available for viewing from a behind-the-scenes ‘drawer’, there is a cabinet-full of different Jennifer Martin works – just as clever, just as beautiful and – hell, who really needs convincing? It’s e.g.etal! Take a wander to 167 Flinders Lane.

:: Lee ::

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