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What is essential is invisible to the eye

We’re all busy focusing on non-OWL stuff right now so, as you can see, things are slowing down around here for the moment.

Now quick, look at these pictures before I make a terrible slowing down/speed bump segue:

Snake eating an elephant.. and slowing down

It’s either a hat or a very full snake, depending on your sensibilities. This one’s definitely a hat:

Slow down, pirate

Both were found on the streets of North Fitzroy, where the hipsters look greasy at you if you hold a table at Sugardough too long. Sorry.

See you ’round!

:: Kate ::



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That most useful and most shamefully forgotten object, the handkerchief

Sally Scott handkerchief

The fine art of gift-giving:  to find something that the giftee will love, but would never have bought for themselves. The delightful and talented Manabu (an aforementioned friend of O.W.L.) is an incredibly generous and considerate gift-giver. Last weekend he arrived from Japan with a bagful of gifts, including one for yours truly – the gorgeous embroidered Sally Scott handkerchief pictured above.

Being rather fond of disposable paper products for my nasal hygiene, I would never have dreamt of buying myself a handkerchief, but this beautiful example has forced me  to re-consider other, non-nasal, hanky uses. The Handkerchief Society has a helpful list of occasions where one might have need for such a thing, including (among others): fainting, tying one’s belongings to a stick before running away from home as a child, surrendering, opening a door while working as a private detective, and rendering someone unconscious with ether. Handy!

:: Kate ::

{ Previously on O.W.L. : Sally Scott and Manabu }


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Op-art necklaces, and lunch

The guy who runs the lunch deli on the floor below where I work takes a strange interest in my accessories – to the extent that he won’t  serve me my soup  & salad without first checking out my brooch/necklace/earrings and remarking delightedly on it to the decidedly less interested lunch ladies (yes, lunch ladies – it’s just like a school canteen). The occasional un-accessorised outfit gets a severe tut-tut.

After the Design Market the other week I ventured downstairs, hungry and with just a little trepidation, wearing my beloved new necklace by Thomas Seymour. Success! Mick liked it, and I got my lunch.

Bent Flat necklace by Thomas Seymour

Yes, it’s flat. I’m a sucker for a good optical illusion, particularly one rendered in steel – and so is Mick, evidently. You can contact Mr Seymour via his site to get one of these or another of his gorgeous geometric designs, or hold on to your horses until local stockists get wind of his talent.

NB: Honourable etched-jewellery mentions also go to  Nervous System and pseudorepublik.

:: Kate ::

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Medical? Chemical? Decorative?

Tiny little jars
{ thanks for the pic, Reuben! }

I’m not going to hazard a guess at what these were originally intended for, but I’m mighty fond of them now they’ve found their way to my windowsill via Industria on Gertrude Street. (See, The Croft Institute hasn’t snaffled all the laboratory glassware in Melbourne.) It’s a wonderful shop and I’ve found several brilliant dresses and skirts in now-rare fabrics (crepe! rayon!)  in the racks at the back, but most of the excruciatingly cool furniture and homewares are simply out of my wallet’s reach. Except for these little guys, that is – ranging from about 75c to $2, they’re “I’ll take eight” affordable, and they’re available in a few different shapes and sizes.

They’re also perfect for teensy flowers – until I’m living my oft-mentioned dream life which involves a fresh baguette and massive bunch of flowers every Saturday morning, these tiny jars will do nicely for a snippet of whatever’s blooming in my neighbour’s front garden.

My camera and I have had a much whinged-about falling out, so I’m very grateful to photographer extraordinaire Reuben for capturing the essence of my windowsill so well.


202 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy
(for more Industria goodness, check out Hellblazer’s photos on Flickr)

:: Kate ::


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The raindrops will not wet her, and they will not come off…

Raindrops necklace by Naoko Inuzuka
{ Raindrops necklace by Naoko Inuzuka }

As a kid one of my favourite stories was A Necklace of Raindrops by Joan Aiken, and I wanted the eponymous necklace with a freakishly intense thing-lust that neatly foreshadowed  my current-day love of accessories.

Apparently good things come to those who wait, and to those who shop handmade – thanks to Naoko Inuzuka, a very talented gold- & silversmithing student I found at the January Craft Hatch Market, a raindrops-esque necklace is now mine. This piece came about as part of Naoko’s explorations of metal, and, like all her work, was created with the idea of ‘purity’ in mind. It’s all about the silver itself, its texture in an organic form. In natural light the silver is almost pearlescent, it’s quite stunning.

Naoko won’t be at the next Craft Hatch as she’s busy working and studying (hello, start of semester – I know that feeling), but she hopes to be selling through select outlets next year and will reappear at markets a la Craft Hatch when she is able.

: Craft Victoria’s Craft Hatch Market :
Craft Hatch is a monthly gathering of emerging creatives selling their wares organised and curated by Craft Victoria, held one Saturday a month at the City Library  (253 Flinders Lane, Melbourne) from 11.00am – 4.00pm.

The next Craft Hatch dates are Saturdays  14 March and 4 April.

:: Kate ::


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Art Fights Fire

Raffle Tickets on flickr, by Julep67
{ photo by Julep67 }

While the first preference is most definitely to give your cold hard to the Victorian Bushfire Appeal, if you need some eye candy to enhance your sense of charity then check out the Art Fights Fire fundraising raffle.

I’m pretty sure you won’t end up with a meat tray. Some great artists and art-minded folk are contributing generous prizes – think Outré Gallery, Audrey Kawasaki, Beci Orpin, Angelique Houtkamp, Lab Partners, Arthur’s Circus, kozyndan, Ghostpatrol, Sublime Stitching and more – and it’s going to be drawn at Outré on Feb 25.

Tickets go on sale this Monday, the 16th. There’s more info (and where to buy tickets) on the Kaotic Kraft Kuties blog.

:: Kate ::

UPDATE (but wait there’s more… ): 

Ben at Bamakko/Keec is having a fundraising silent auction for some of the new Keec messenger bag range, details on the Bamakko blog.

Keec messenger bag, available from Bamakko
{ Keec small leather hOP-scotch messenger bag
with a feature panel designed by Melbourne duo Pandarosa,
rrp approx $220

Etsy seller DutchTuesday will be donating all profits from now until the end of Feb to the Wildlife Victoria appeal. These cute print-at-home stationery and card sets are perfect for those like yours truly who, this hazy V-Day, have no boyfriend but do have a loyal and doting printer.

Print-at-home card set by DutchTuesday on etsy
{ Print-at-home gift card set by DutchTuesday, US$5 }

They’re not the only ones, so keep an eye out. If I hear of any other charitable crafters/artists that you might like, I’ll let you know.

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We’ll be back soon.

Like many others, here at OWL we’ve been hushed by what’s happened (and is continuing to happen) across Victoria this week.

General consensus is that the best way to help is to donate money. (Save your blood – at least for now – as the donation centres have been overwhelmed. They’ll need more soon.)

Back to regular programming soon.

:: O.W.L. ::


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