“Walk Party”

Am listening” to RRR and contrarily typing… according to the music, I should be walking. This directive comes from Spod, a maker of music and the guy behind a simple but curious idea… a fitness program of sorts, composed of nine twenty-minute original ‘fantasy/exercise podcast/mixes’, to be released weekly. This premiere mix is by Spod himself; guest artists will be producing their own inspirational (?) mixes for coming weeks. Apparently Spod adheres to the ‘twenty minutes, just three times a week’ theory that I recognise from late-night television.

I’m not sure I want to listen to Spod’s music thrice; parts of it are cool and there are some very amusing voice samples; there goes a helpful pointer to the halfway mark, there goes an ‘electronic motivation segment’ … hmm, it’s getting a wee bit annoying but it still beats the flimsy 90’s pop tracks that my Sunday morning New Body instructor insists upon, punctuated by her occasional tiny, “whoo”.

Anyway, taking or leaving Spod, I am feeling very grateful to RRR at the moment for keeping me entertained through long hours of work and will put my money where my mouth is during their sponsorship drive, which I think starts next week.

:: Lee ::


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