Op-art necklaces, and lunch

The guy who runs the lunch deli on the floor below where I work takes a strange interest in my accessories – to the extent that he won’t  serve me my soup  & salad without first checking out my brooch/necklace/earrings and remarking delightedly on it to the decidedly less interested lunch ladies (yes, lunch ladies – it’s just like a school canteen). The occasional un-accessorised outfit gets a severe tut-tut.

After the Design Market the other week I ventured downstairs, hungry and with just a little trepidation, wearing my beloved new necklace by Thomas Seymour. Success! Mick liked it, and I got my lunch.

Bent Flat necklace by Thomas Seymour

Yes, it’s flat. I’m a sucker for a good optical illusion, particularly one rendered in steel – and so is Mick, evidently. You can contact Mr Seymour via his site to get one of these or another of his gorgeous geometric designs, or hold on to your horses until local stockists get wind of his talent.

NB: Honourable etched-jewellery mentions also go to  Nervous System and pseudorepublik.

:: Kate ::


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