Cacharel time machine


Okay, I have 60s fashion on the brain these days, but even my grandma can see that Cacharel’s most recent s/s collection is hittin’ up the Mad Men decade for inspiration, no? Look at these mini dresses! A-line coats! High-waisted skirts! Secretary fashion meets The Party, or something like that. It’s not particularly surprising, I guess, given that Eley & Kishimoto are now apparently designing for Cacharel (yep, the doctor’s waiting room is a great place to catch up on year-old fashion news) – see my various other posts on E&K’s retro looks.



It’s not a look you see much in Melbourne, as the love affair with skinny jeans continues, but there are still a few people (well, let’s be frank, girls) who wear vintage and mix a sort of 40s/50s/60s look to very cute effect, as per the following:


Courtesy of Melbourne Street Fashion


Courtesy of Street Peeper.

:: Arwen ::


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  1. I’m in loveeee with these styles and can you say amazing color combos, ahh if only ppl dressed like that instead of skinny jeans eh!

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