My name is Sally Scott


If you, like me, lust after Mina Perhonen stuff but still think it’s a bit exxy, welcome to Sally Scott. It’s designed by Akira Minagawa, the man behind Mina Perhonen, but is his cheaper label (well, a little cheaper), sort of like Miu Miu is to Prada, or See by Chloe to Chloe – only much more Japanese. For years I was convinced it was an American label doing suspiciously Japanese-style clothes, but the truth finally dawned and I realised Sally Scott is just a made-up name… like Mina Perhonen. Sadly, the label is unavailable in Australia, but there are stores all over Japan if you’re heading that way soon.





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4 responses to “My name is Sally Scott

  1. thanks for the tip! i didn’t realise the two labels were related.

    in cheaper things that look like mina perhonen, i think these skirt prints remind me of the designs…

  2. manabu

    i went to the sally scott shop in shimokitazawa the other day. everything there was so amazing. shame there was nothing for me to wear….

  3. Don’t make me jealous, Bu. I love that SS shop in Shimokita. Desperate to come visit you in Nihon but you’ll be here soon anyway…

    And thanks for the tip, Rachael. I agree, those skirt designs are quite Mina/Sally, and very, very Japanese.

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