Down with MMOP


I have a delightful bunch of neighbours, I really do. Two doors down, there are the bogans with a penchant for 3am drinking sessions in the street. Next door there’s the old Italian dude suffering from Thwarted Male syndrome who likes to hock loogies at all hours and shout unintelligible abuse at his family. But luckily there are some less noisy neighbours in the hood too – like Nev, aficionado of type and a far more conscientious blogger than I. He was kind enough to word me up about a cool event happening this Sunday – yes! This Sunday! – in Footscray. Writing about said event also gives me the chance to post these beautiful pics of the Melbourne Museum of Printing, where the event is to be held.




Basically, the MMOP – last remaining bastion of traditional printing methods and repository of many cool printing presses – is in dire financial straits and needs your help. Come on Sunday and listen to live music while watching typesetting, printing and bookbinding demonstrations. For those with an eye to purchasing, I’m told there will be lots of prints for sale from both individual artists and also from design studios and galleries such as Chase and Galley (responsible for the new-look Meanjin), Studio Pip and Co and the Narrows.


36 Moreland St
Footscray VIC
9689 7555

:: Arwen ::



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3 responses to “Down with MMOP

  1. oh these photo’s are so beautiful. im such a sucker for old tools and machinery and i’ve been meaning to get to the museum of printing for ages now… i think sunday will have to be the day! sounds fun!

  2. Great link and a great contact by the sound of it. The blogging world does open our wider world doesn’t it?

  3. Nev

    Thanks Arwen. I’m impressed that you took the time out to mention our neighbours as well. See you there!

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