Fields of clover


Ingenious idea – to make book covers using letterpress. Cloverfield Press in America publishes short stories in limited numbers with hand-printed endpapers and dust jackets that are rather covetable. They’d make a nice gift for your progenitor for Mother’s Day, assuming that a) your mum reads b) you didn’t already buy her some velour Tweety slippers from Target c) you believe in celebrating a day that is now mostly just another excuse to part with your cash, and most importantly, d) Mother’s Day wasn’t yesterday. Oops.






Note: I did, in fact, remember Mother’s Day. Not only was it my mother’s birthday, but there was no way I could forget I’d signed up to run eight frickin’ kilometres on the actual day in aid of breast cancer research. Both Kate and my brother get full props for dragging themselves out of bed on Sunday to do the same thing.

:: Arwen ::


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