“Not more minä perhonen” I hear you cry. “Didn’t you blog enough on that guy already?”

Well, yes, perhaps I did.


But this is not what you think.

For, despite all appearances,  these beautiful patterns are not Japanese textile designs. Not textile designs at all in fact.


No, what we have here are details of book covers, by the wonderful American graphic designer Alvin Lustig.


Oh, I should also mention that these designs are from the 1940s.


The 1940s! Oh how I wish I could come up with such beautiful designs today. These covers are taken from the new directions  : new classics series from 1944 to 1953, yet I wouldn’t have even questioned it if someone told me they were designed last week by Penguin UK’s latest hot young thing.


Much has been written about the incredibly influential Lustig (though he was unknown to me until very recently), far more (are far more eloquently ) than I can re-blog here. If you’d like to know more this website is a great start.

:: Reuben ::


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