Lettersets #3

Yet more lettersets from my so-called collection. I never set out to collect – I always intended to use the damn things, but thanks to email, I rarely write letters anymore. I know, it’s a shame. One friend of ours still writes letters to pretty much every member of this blog; we are all adept at recognising those airmail envelopes inscribed with M’s meticulously neat handwriting. They’re so lovely they’re almost worth posting here…

A whole bunch of lovely paper/stationery/craft goods, including lettersets, can be found at The Small Object as well.

:: Arwen ::



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3 responses to “Lettersets #3

  1. Kate

    I’m about to make a lunchtime dash to the post office to send off a letter not-so-neatly handwritten on some weirdly cute “Forest Friends” notepaper (they roam the forest in search of wild fruits, the envelopes tell me). The best part is the recipient will have NO IDEA who it’s from, and will likely be somewhat bemused…. “but Kate doesn’t live in Japan! Nor is she usually associated with blue dogs balancing apples on their heads… ”

    I love the dots. They’re anything but neutral.

    x k

  2. I remember those forest friends who roam the forest in search of wild fruits…

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