Those shoes really are fantastic


While we’re on the whole fashion blog thing, let me add my two cents – or possibly even one cent, since it’s hardly anything new. There are too many street style sites, and many are lame. (Okay.) I’d like beautiful shots of interesting fashion, not trashed party shots/Facebook profile pics of Future Music Festival munters in skinny jeans. (Yep.) The Sartorialist is very nice. So is Hel Looks, from whence I snaffled this photo. (And I digress: I love-love-love coloured tights with a simple outfit, but I’ve never seen ’em this thin before. Dig the shoes on the Lady in Red and covet her net and supercilious expression, too.)

:: Arwen ::



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3 responses to “Those shoes really are fantastic

  1. Hello there. I haven’t seen this site. Must check it out. “Thin” stockings. You mean opaque – see throughish? I find them ALL the time in op shops. I know it sounds kinda gross to rat through those hideous “smalls” draws, but look for the ones still in their packets. I have purple, green, blue, red, pink… so good. They’re not as durable as modern day stockings, but hey, you’re only rockin’ them out maybe once or twice for cheeky looks and a handwash does the trick if you just love them. And, in most cases they’ll have cost you a $1.

  2. Yep, when I say thin I mean about 40 denier, instead of the normal 70 denier. You’re right, it is slightly offputting to rat through the smalls at op shops, and thus far I’ve never done it, but look at what I’m missing out on…

    The Sartorialist is in Melbourne this weekend; if only I had some stockings like these, I’d catch his eye.

    • all.the.while

      Did you gird your loins and head along to Cutler & Co. to meet Monsieur himself last night?

      There are a few ladeez over here rocking translucent coloured tights, and every time I see them I feel bafflingly happy; it is especially pleasing when their shoes match the colour of their tights. I suspect I fancy them because they make me think of giant walking lollies.

      Re. style blogs, I don’t mind style bubble, though the comments can be tedious and sniffy…

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