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Does anyone else look at The Sartorialist? I wonder if it is something that you get hooked on periodically but only periodically. I am currently hooked, anyway.

Before I looked it up (recently), I really thought the Sartorialist was an old-time print publication and, curious though I was, I imagined that it would only be accessible to me by way of very large freight costs. As it happens, it’s just a blog – Scott Schuman’s picture blog; according to Wikipedia, it’s only been around a little while and I can’t find a reference to anything by the same name that pre-dates it. It is photograph after photograph of stylish person after stylish person but it’s not all the one kind of style in the way that many ‘street-fashion’ serials are. I find it inspiring – not because I covet a lot of the clothes but because it hints at joie-de-vivre, I think.

Unfortunately, my flats-wearing heroine above is a good two to three inches shorter than most of the women on the site (although that does make me want to act further on a recent Heels Experiment, which wasn’t altogether unsuccessful). More unfortunately, Mr. Schuman is not anti-fur. And while I’m on cons, the inanity of the comments is mind-boggling but… it appears I’m hooked on those too – I simply can’t look at an image without wanting to read that 23 people in a row thought OMG those shoes are Amazing.

Back to pro’s – another nice thing is that The Sartorialist doesn’t just feature lovely-looking ladies – there are lots of progressive dudes and natty older men photographed too.

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2 responses to “Blog to blog

  1. OMG those shoes are amazing.

    No, really.

    I haven’t spoken to you about this, but coincidentally I’m also going through a Sartorialist phase. It’s been spurred by BB at work, who loves to check it regularly too.

  2. I read it too! I guess we all have things in common – we should totally hang out.

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