My Favourite Textile Designer Ever In The Entire Universe

When I was living in Japan last year I picked up a little book simply titled “minä perhonen 3 print”, a blue book, a black mark across the cover, some typically minimal Japanese typography. I had no idea what I was getting myself in to. 


I opened it up and within seconds had that “I absolutely have to buy this book right this second! Right now!” feeling. Those of you who know me will know how rare this is. Now, I’ve always found Japanese textile design inspiring, but this was something else – clever, whimsical, soft, gentle, and absolutely beautiful. Kind somehow. Colour combinations I could never dream of, patterns that made me smile, just enough complexity to remain minimal and yet somehow always surprising.


{ "pen" by Akira Minagawa }


{ "cup" / "basket" by Akira Minagawa }

The designer is Akira Minagawa, minä perhonen the brand.


{ "seafowl" (detail) by Akira Minagawa }


{ "forest gate" (detail) by Akira Minagawa }

If I had to choose a favourite page it would be the following one – I can’t tell you why, it just makes me extremely happy for some reason.


{ "fuwa fuwa" / "sunny rain" by Akira Minagawa }

I’ve since discovered that the Minagawa’s work is in fact very well regarded worldwide, with an extensive back catalogue of textiles, prints, clothing and even furniture (!) available for your perusal online.


{ "particle" / "circle" by Akira Minagawa }

Apparently, minä perhonen clothing is now available at Belinda – – which has a store in the GPO in Melbourne, I haven’t checked it out but I’m sure it’s out of my price range (and certainly not designed to fit me, being male and all), so for now I’ll make do with my lovely blue book.

:: Reuben ::

all images ©  minä perhonen / Akira Minagawa



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7 responses to “My Favourite Textile Designer Ever In The Entire Universe

  1. Lee

    (Hey dude, how come I haven’t been shown this blue book? I thought I’d seen all the blue things in your apartment…)

    It’s gorgeous.

    New OWL readers might also like to look at this older post by Arwen:

  2. I guess I’m a new OWL reader too. I had a feeling Arwen might be a fan.

  3. manabu

    girl’s clothing isn’t just for girls, reuben!

    boys can wear skirts
    and keep their hair long
    wear dresses and high heels
    because it’s ok to be a girl
    but for a girl to look like a boy is degrading
    cause you think that being a boy is degrading
    but secretly you’d love to know what its like
    wouldn’t you?
    what it feels like for a boy

    ha ha.

  4. I love Mina Perhonen, too! Thank you for sharing this wonderful blue book… Have you seen the other two in the series? I have nary a tome! 😦

  5. I don’t have the other two books, but I’m looking out for them – it may have to wait for my next trip to Tokyo.

  6. Go to Amazon Japan ( and do a search for ‘mina perhonen’ – the other books are listed there.

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