Medical? Chemical? Decorative?

Tiny little jars
{ thanks for the pic, Reuben! }

I’m not going to hazard a guess at what these were originally intended for, but I’m mighty fond of them now they’ve found their way to my windowsill via Industria on Gertrude Street. (See, The Croft Institute hasn’t snaffled all the laboratory glassware in Melbourne.) It’s a wonderful shop and I’ve found several brilliant dresses and skirts in now-rare fabrics (crepe! rayon!)  in the racks at the back, but most of the excruciatingly cool furniture and homewares are simply out of my wallet’s reach. Except for these little guys, that is – ranging from about 75c to $2, they’re “I’ll take eight” affordable, and they’re available in a few different shapes and sizes.

They’re also perfect for teensy flowers – until I’m living my oft-mentioned dream life which involves a fresh baguette and massive bunch of flowers every Saturday morning, these tiny jars will do nicely for a snippet of whatever’s blooming in my neighbour’s front garden.

My camera and I have had a much whinged-about falling out, so I’m very grateful to photographer extraordinaire Reuben for capturing the essence of my windowsill so well.


202 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy
(for more Industria goodness, check out Hellblazer’s photos on Flickr)

:: Kate ::



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2 responses to “Medical? Chemical? Decorative?

  1. I bought a huge shopping bag of small bottles like that for $5 from a carboot sale a couple of years ago. Mine are all calcified inside. Do you know how to get them clean like that?

  2. Err, well, the simple answer is just to buy them clean!

    I’m sure there are some commercial cleaning products that’ll do it (whether or not they’ll dissolve your skin too is another question) – but maybe try good ol’ vinegar first?


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