Coolsie heart attack


The other night Lee, Arwen and I (and many other non-members of this lovely blog) headed down south of the river – a rare occurrence for me these days – to Toorak Road and an opening at Penthouse Mouse – part retail space, part art gallery. Lots of well dressed young-fashion-mafia folk, lots of expensive beer (Asahi, of course), people looking at each other and not at the works on display.

This is fashion after all. I found myself doing the same, and camera in hand, began my very best paparazzi impersonation. 


To my surprise, I found that I was actually dressed almost the same as many of the fashionistas at the show – tight black jeans, white(ish) t-shirt, black leather jacket, denim cap. I took some comfort in the fact that my denim cap was purchased for $1 in India last year, not $100 at Fat4. Even still, it did get me wondering – why exactly did it bother me that I was dressed similarly to all these “cool” people? What kind of snob am I exactly?


I guess I should stop ranting and post something about the work – there was in fact some lovely stuff. Here’s a few pics, head down and check it out, some of the jewellery work is especially good.




I was far too distracted by all the beautiful people to write down the names of any of the designers but perhaps some of you can help me out – Arwen, Lee?


Penthouse Mouse
The Capitol, 243 Toorak Road South Yarra
Open 10am-9pm (except Monday) until March 22 (I think)

:: Reuben ::



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4 responses to “Coolsie heart attack

  1. I was too distracted, too, Reuben!

    I did really like the leather bags by Mercurialist, though ( and the Kuwaii stuff was kawaii (

  2. Lee

    Great pictures Reuben – I thought I saw everything but I missed that pink bag thing, and that small ceramic bird thing – so I guess I was distracted too…
    See for a full list of designers and artists including Su-Wen Leon (fifth pic down) and my favourites (other than Kuwaii) – Jasmina Krupic (fourth pic down), Limedrop and Mucke.

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  4. Woah thats me in the 2nd photo (blonde with zig zag belt)

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