Lettersets #1

Did I ever mention that I’m obsessed with lettersets? Well, it’s out now – I can’t get enough of them. I rarely use them, preferring instead to clog my limited cupboard space with dozens of beautiful collections of paper and envelopes. I think what appeals to me particularly is the ‘set’ thing – you get just the right amount of paper to match the envelopes (generally two sheets per envelope, so don’t dare be too verbose) and little stickers to seal each envelope. There are so many pretty ones out there, and it’s better than collecting World of Warcraft, right? Here are two from my collection to start. Both are from Japan – land of lettersets.

Of course, if you too have a strange obsession with paper, but like me, do not live in Japan, there are lots of places to further your passion online. You could start with the obvious: Lettersets.com (a bit too cutesy for me), Aiko (also cutesy, but some nice ones), Lotta Jansdotter (lovely, but based in the US, so shipping’s not cheap) or Kate’s Paperie in NY (never been there but heard good things). There is a veritable truckload of stationery sites in Japanese, which is really not very useful for those of us who don’t have high-level kanji, but M Design and High Tide are fun to look at, anyway. Then there’s Present and Correct, which is triple-awesome-rated fun. And for those in Melbourne, I did spot some cool, simple Korean lettersets at the NGV shop a couple of weeks ago – they’re made by O-Check. How’s that for a start?

:: Arwen ::



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4 responses to “Lettersets #1

  1. Oh my! I am similarly obsessed… Wonderful post, please show more! I shall diligently check out each link now…

  2. More to follow. I shall try and dig out some of my other favourite links. Glad to know there are other letterset fans out there!

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