Birds of East Africa take II

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You may recall my deep fondness for the hardback edition cover (left) of the above book, A Guide to the Birds of East Africa, by Nicholas Drayson. I have to say that I’m less impressed with the B format cover (right), which I just noticed on the Penguin website – but then again, I’m almost always a little disappointed by B format covers (except for A Fraction of a Whole, which was better than the C). However, it does look more commercial and less girly, so will probably appeal to a broader market – no doubt entirely the point.

On the whole bird thing, I saw some lovely brooches by Corky St Clair in I Dream a Highway on High Street, Northcote, yesterday. Further investigation revealed that Corky St Clair have a purty website where you can see all their jewellery, a huge portion of which is bird-related. The particular brooch that caught my eye is this one, cutely titled ‘Bird in the Hand’:


But if you want to go for the full bird bling look, perhaps something like this would be more appropriate:

birdberrytree2 princess___the_eagle_full1

I Dream a Highway
259 High Street
Northcote VIC (don’t forget to drop into Palomino for a coffee – 236 High Street)


Corky St Clair
Campbell Arcade (that underground arcade below Flinders Street Station/Degraves Street)
Melbourne VIC

:: Arwen ::


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