Nanna’s kitchen

My dear grandmama has just moved into assisted living (it’s not quite a nursing home! She just needs someone to remind her to take her meds) and my cousin and mother helped her clean out her little house before the move. What delights Nanna had tucked away in her cupboards, which have made their way to me as the retro/kitsch kitchenware aficionado of the family. I am now the proud owner of a matching milk jug, butter keeper and sugar bowl set (above), not to mention small and large serving plates (below) in beautiful melamine.

Such plates deserve more than just a normal recipe – these plates call for a Retro Recipe. Kate gave me Afternoon Tea for my birthday and I’ve subsequently made a number of very old-school recipes (often involving condensed milk, dessicated coconut and gelatine) from its humble pages. I hear very good things about the lemon hazelnut syrup loaf (page 67) from my lovely colleague A, whose mother is responsible for this particular inclusion.

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2 responses to “Nanna’s kitchen

  1. Happy birthday. What date? I was the 26th. I can’t remember whether I’d seen your birthday posted here already and wished you happy birthday then. I don’t think I did. I can’t remember. Mind’s a fog at the moment. The platters and trays are GOLD. Go nana.

  2. Jen

    That orange is beautiful! We just got a new oven, so it’s been baking-a-go-go around here as well.

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