Books: Don’t hold back, judge away

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Abe books, that venerable secondhand book site, has come up with a list of thirty novels worth buying for the cover alone. I covet many of them, but my top three are above. I often see books that are worth buying for the cover alone and then feel vaguely superficial for judging a book by its cover… but now this practice has been sanctioned by a higher entity! Here are a couple of books from my bookshelf worth buying for the cover alone (but which are both excellent reads):

whatiloved petropolis petropolis21

L–R: What I Loved by Siri Hustvedt, Petropolis by Anya Ulinich x 2. Okay, so there are two copies of Petropolis, and I only own the green one, but I thought the cover for the US edition was quite good, too. And below are some books that I don’t own – but would buy for the cover alone:

9781844085293 9781844085279 9781844085231

Any and all of the Virago Modern Classics special editions (I know, I’ve gone on about them before…)


And pretty much any of the old Penguin covers. (This image courtesy of Andrew Wilkinson.)

:: Arwen ::



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  1. jwakeham

    hi there – lovely site, very inspiring (and funny too), best wishes from sunny London —


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