Thank you to the lovely Jo for introducing me to Mara Girling, a Melburnian who makes very sweet prints. Jo purchased some of Mara’s artwork for her new nephew (welcome to the world, Bailey) and it was delivered to our mutual workplace. I promptly dropped what I was doing (reading this article on keitai shosetsu – interesting stuff) and went to admire her purchases… and later browsed Mara’s Etsy shop Printspace at length from the comfort of my own home.


The prints you see above now grace nephew Bailey’s walls. Although with his name, obviously… not this Noah person, whoe’er he may be.



:: Arwen ::



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2 responses to “Babylove

  1. Lisa

    I MUST HAVE THESE!!! best baby gifts ever. and gifts for me. hooray! good work, miss.

  2. lovely little blog … glad i came across it !!!

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