Market finds


On Sunday, which seems long ago in my heat-addled brain, I headed to the Camberwell Market, and despite my self-imposed shopping hiatus, I ended up buying a few lovely things. At least the market is relatively cheap, so I left with a nearly full wallet and a slightly smug feeling. The Norwegian 1960s eggcups (above) are in perfect nick and will come in handy if the weather ever cools down and I can cook anything hot again. The buttons (below) were bought for no specific purpose, but will be added to my button stash for future use. And my best find of the day is chronicled at the bottom – a set of six flower tumblers for $5. Bargain!

The internet informs me that the temperature outside is now 43.4 degrees Celsius, or 109 degrees Fahrenheit. Time for a cool drink.



Camberwell Market
Behind the Burke Road shops
Camberwell VIC 3124
Almost every Sunday of the year

:: Arwen ::


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