Light and colour


I’m in deep smit, to borrow a line from Mike Myers in So I Married An Axe Murderer (a movie full of good lines but besmirched by a farcical ending). I love Megumi Yabusaki’s photography, some of which is displayed here for your viewing pleasure.

The photo above reminds me of my time in gay Paree when I used to ‘run’ around the Jardin de Luxembourg (although I suspect the above was taken in the Jardin des Tuileries). Three times a week I would duly put on my shorts and stagger around the park as early as possible. This meant you avoided the tourists and stood a good chance of seeing the local firemen going for their morning run. I was so poor (sob, sob) that I couldn’t afford to buy proper running leggings and ran in shorts even in the bitter cold, jumping over the frozen puddles. Oh, and I walked five miles to school every day in my bare feet, too. (If I was so poor, what the hell was I doing living in the sixth arrondissement, I hear you ask.)

Anyway, these photos have an ethereal, washed-out quality to them that I especially like. Megumi Yabusaki lives in Japan, but all of these photos were taken in Europe – some in France, some in Sweden.





:: Arwen ::


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  1. metapixusion

    omfgosh i really like these pictures

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