Splish splash


I probably shouldn’t use such a flippant title for what was a serious waste of water yesterday in Melbourne – but it’s not every day that you see a frickin’ enormous geyser in the middle of St George’s Road. A water main burst sometime before 9am, and although the pipe was shut off almost immediately, it took more than five hours for the pressure to subside. In the meantime, god knows how many megalitres of water poured out onto the road and surrounds, further reducing Melbourne’s water reserves and providing a hot Sunday afternoon’s spectacle. The local kids were happy.



There’s a big and well-used bike path right up St George’s Road, and a number of weekend warriors in lycra had their ride aborted. Traffic on the road itself slowed to a trickle (ha, ha) – and a few cars took out their frustration on passers-by with some very deliberate splashing action going on (I speak from soggy experience).


:: Arwen ::


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  1. bridget

    wow, i wish this could happen at my house for the next 4 days!

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