Postcard Projekt redux


Late last year I participated in Postcard Projekt 2008, in which I made and sent a bunch of postcards to people all over the world. Much like a chain letter of yore, I’ve since received lots of postcards back, which have been a helluva lot more exciting than the bills and Indian restaurant menus that normally clutter my letterbox. You’ll see a nice selection of the postcards I’ve received so far above. None of them resemble the postcards I made in any way, which is cool. Not that I can remember what my postcards looked like anyway – I’m kicking myself for not having photographed them before I sent them to the four winds.

:: Arwen ::

PS. Vietnam was great fun.


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One response to “Postcard Projekt redux

  1. matto

    oh noooo! it looks like the one i sent you is missing the low-hanging clouds i pasted onto it…
    but it looks like you got plenty of cool ones anyway!

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