A room of one’s own


I know what you’re thinking: what is this monstrosity? But if you’ve ever lived in Tokyo, you’ll know this is a beautiful piece of architecture. For a start, it isn’t made from reinforced plastic and concrete that shows every stain and crack instantly. It isn’t drab and uninspiring. And I’ve got my fingers crossed that the walls are thick enough to block out the sound of your neighbours coughing, farting and talking. This is the Fudomae apartment block in Shinjuku, Tokyo, by ISSHO architects in collaboration with Hirofumi Ohno. Each room is a palatial 18 metres squared (don’t laugh), with lots of cupboard space. The architectural blogs have of course posted about it here, here and here, with a wee bit more info about the architectural idea and a few more photos. Looking at this reminds me of Toko Flat A 101, where I spent three years living in a dank corridor-shaped room about the size of this flat, minus the natural light, fresh paint and large windows and plus neighbours with a screaming baby. Ah, memories.



:: Arwen in Vietnam ::


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