The humble instrument of washing up


Shop alert: Fine Art Linen Co on Burke Road, Camberwell. If you live anywhere nearby, you’ve probably walked past it a million times and never noticed it, but this is the ultimate teatowel experience. Strap yourself in folks, for a teatowel extravaganza – not to mention manchester and fabrics. I’ve wanted to visit Fine Art Linen for some time now, but I’ve been stupidly chicken about going in. Every time I walk past, it seems dark and customer-free inside, and I fear a League of Gentleman-style ‘Are you local?’ series of questions upon entry. No doubt there are just a couple of nice, teatowel-loving members of the grey brigade instead. Whether it’s birds, horses, horseshoes, cats, famous landmarks, fruits or native flora that rocks your boat, Fine Art Linen appear to have it (going by their window display). Yes, I will make it inside one day soon.

Fine Art Linen Co
847 Burke Road
Camberwell VIC 3124

:: Arwen in Vietnam ::



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3 responses to “The humble instrument of washing up

  1. pen

    maybe you should tell us when you go so we can send out a rescue party if we don’t hear from you……..
    ‘the really interesting tea-towels are out the back…. just come this way…..’

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