Stylish stylist


I fly to Vietnam today, so I’ll be off the real-time blogosphere for a couple of weeks… by which I mean I’ll still be posting, but they’ll be posts I’ve written in the last week, not in Vietnam. Given that I’ve been in virtual hibernation during the last week, I have no exciting discoveries in Melbourne to share for the time being. Instead, I’ve been reading about pretty things from around the world. My most recent discovery is a Japanese stylist called Yuka Moriyama. She didn’t take these photos but the models were styled by her, and I love the colours, patterns and textures. Eek! What am I doing posting? Gotta finish packing…




:: Arwen in Vietnam ::


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  1. Lucky you. Miss, miss, miss Vietnam. Lived in Ha Noi for a little blip of time. Miss riding around the streets on my pushie. Miss my lovely workmates. Miss the food, the smells, the travelling about. Miss that kind of freedom. A stranger in a strange land.

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