It’s Dior, darling


It’s been a busy few days of eating and sleeping for me, but I did manage to get myself (and my distended belly) to Bendigo today, in regional Victoria. Bendigo has many charms, not least the Bendigo Art Gallery, which is currently showing a great exhibition from the V&A in London – the Golden Age of Couture. If you, like me, entertain visions of yourself in a Dior New Look outfit or a Balenciaga sack dress (an uncannily prescient precursor to the shift dresses of the 60s), you’ll enjoy the exhibition. The best bits are of course the dresses themselves – three whole rooms full of nothing but originals from 1947 to 1957, covering cocktail and early evening, evening wear and daywear. And don’t miss Miss Lachasse! She’s a couture doll. Fascinating and a bit creepy, like all dolls.



The Golden Age of Couture
Bendigo Art Gallery until 22 March 2009
42 View Street
Bendigo, Victoria

:: Arwen ::


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  1. Looks too good. I saw a V&A publication re this exhibition at our regional art gallery on the weekend and almost bought it. I think I’ll have to pop back and pick it up. The “doll” was in it. I was fascinated. All that finery in minature.

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