Everybody loves Ryan


I just discovered Rob Ryan’s opened a shop called Ryantown. Of course, I am in Melbourne, and the shop is on Columbia Road in London, so I won’t be popping over any time soon. If I were, these cushions would be my first purchase – to give to someone who doesn’t take things personally. Or someone blonde (ha! just kidding. I’m sort of blonde. Really). Actually, I wish Rob Ryan would open a gallery, rather than a shop. I want to be able to see all his work on display with no incentive to purchase, just to admire.

Seems many people don’t feel the same as me, though,  as photographed by Annie Mole when the shop opened in June, below. That’s a whole lotta people wanting printed cushions and cute knick knacks.

PS. Hope everyone has a nice day tomorrow, assuming they live in a country where tomorrow is culturally significant and a public holiday. How PC am I?

:: Arwen ::


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One response to “Everybody loves Ryan

  1. Simon T.

    LOL. Love those cushions. Replace “brain” with any number of words and you have a whole new epigram!

    Happy new year, Arwen.


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