Album art


I’ve been neglecting music in favour of books recently, but I’m hoping my upcoming break from work will allow me to redress that imbalance. I desperately need to overhaul my iPod, get some fresh stuff happening and remove a lot of the dead wood. (I’m not quite sure how or why the Rihanna album made it on there, but I need it off. Now.)

Actual musical content aside, I love to keep an eye out for good album designs when I remember and/or have time. Here are a few nice ones I’ve spotted recently – starting from Kuroyuri, above, Midori Hirano’s new album.


Above: Eric Hutchinson
Below: The Sea and Cake



Above: Je Suis Animal

Still haven’t heard any of these albums beyond MySpace, and if I’m brutally honest, I probably never will. I have a suspicious feeling my good intentions with the whole iPod overhaul, etc. will fall by the wayside as I spend most of the break on the couch reading in silence. Bring it on!

:: Arwen ::


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