Wish list shame


I know, I know. Continuing to post about cool things to buy for Christmas plays right into the hands of all those who say the true meaning of Christmas has been lost beneath a flabby layer of consumerist crap, creating false needs and buying frenzies. And they’d probably be right. Oh, and course I don’t need anything for Christmas, anyway – just my health, sanity, friends, family… and a set of six issues of Lines and Shapes with free shipping. Free shipping! For Antipodeans that’s not something to be sneered at.

I am, however, feeling a bit overwhelmed with the general Christmas consumer vibe, what with all these weird ‘pre-Christmas sales’ going on. Is it just me or is every second shop having a sale? Those big ‘40% OFF!’ posters have already hit the windows far in advance of the usual Boxing Day madness. Can this all be attributed to the Credit Crunch? (Fast becoming a convenient excuse for many things… ‘The weather’s shit, isn’t it?’ – ‘Yeah, it’s the Credit Crunch’.)


(They wrap the set in paper for you! I’m such a sucker for those meaningless extras.)

:: Arwen ::


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