Christmas wish list


What I’d really like for Christmas is for the Rudd government in Australia to commit to more than a piddly 5% reduction in emissions by 2020. If the UK and EU can manage 20%, then so can we. Failing that, I want more bicycle lanes everywhere and more driver awareness of bicycles in Melbourne. Last week I was nearly knocked off my bike yet again (in a daggy fluorescent vest and obeying the road rules, mind).

Aside from these more nationally inclined wishes (demands?), I have a practical Christmas list too – it contains such enthralling items as new headphones (last ones carked it at the gym) and some new mascara. And then there’s the fanciful Christmas wish list – things that I’m not quite sure I even want, since I might not know what to do with them if I ever got them, but damn, they’re great. The Uten.Silo Storage System (above), spotted more than a year ago at Decor8, falls firmly into this category for me. It’s such a cool thing, but so entirely unnecessary. Not least because of the price (US$295 – ouch!).

:: Arwen ::


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