Modern Art can be fun

It’s rare that I am impressed by art installations, plebeian that I am. They’re often a bit ‘Ho-hum, another room filled with plastic balls/collection of the artist’s bodily fluids suspended in jars/bunch of TVs all showing slightly different yet equally disturbing footage’. But I walked into Utopian Slumps last week for the current exhibition, Growing Wild, and stopped in delight like a five-year-old to marvel at the texta wonder created by Nathan Gray. You could watch the dangling textas for hours, as they doodled their way across a huge roll of white paper, moved gently by the breeze. It was such a peaceful installation.


Less mesmerising but equally beautiful were Penelope Durston’s doily creations, which seemed functional as well as artistic. I could easily find a place for the light (below) in my house. (If I had a house.)

Above: More doily art by Penelope Durston
Below: Detail of one of Simon Macewan’s works, which I didn’t photograph as it was in the first room of the exhibition and thus surrounded by people drinking. Simon himself took a great photo of the piece here, which is worth looking at (nice blend of cutesy and creepy).


Growing Wild is on at Utopian Slumps until December 21.

:: Arwen ::


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