Where are they now?

forest front

Former Harvest cover-artist, designer and illustrator Marc Martin, has created an entire book of his own. It is a picture storybook called, ‘A Forest’, which means that the first thing that must be asked of it is – did someone have to chop down a forest so that it could be made? Happily, the answer is no. Marc’s book is made from 100% recycled paper and printed using vegetable ink.

It is simple in format, and despite the absence of many things I like about books – end papers, title page, dedication, typographer’s note – I’ve enjoyed looking at ‘A Forest’ a lot. The story is a small and quiet idea, with a rather wistful post-apocalyptic end; the writing aids the circularity of the narrative but is otherwise a basic vehicle for Marc’s wonderful illustrations. These vary in style from the naive to something a bit more careful and geometric, even decorative – to nice, fat watercolour blotches. Like all good picture books, the more you look at ‘A Forest’, the more you see…

… I had fun identifying an unusual variety of trees in Marc’s forest, including succulents and pines, fir trees, upside-down trees, octopus trees, fairy-bread trees, and tall women trees wearing broad-brimmed hats.

‘A Forest’ is available from:

Metropolis Books, Curtin House, City
Brunswick Bound bookstore, Sydney Rd, Brunswick
Monkhouse Design, Lygon St, East Brunswick
In the Woods, High St, Northcote
Greville St Books, Prahran
Artisan Bookstore, Gertrude St, Fitzroy
and Ariel Bookstore in Sydney

forest back

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