Race to the Finnish


Thanks to the magic of the internet, I recently discovered yet more interesting fashion from Scandinavia, in the form of Samu-Jussi Koski. Wait, is Finland counted as Scandinavia? I seem to recall being told off by an Icelandic friend when I included it in under the Scandy umbrella. He reminded me that Finland isn’t Scandinavia – the people and language are very different to the Danmark-Norge–Sverige trifecta. But I digress. Samu-Jussi is a Finnish designer who has collaborated with Marimekko, fabric designer extraordinare, to create some very cute clothes. Geometric patterns and mini-dresses abound, but you probably know by now that I have no problem at all with a strong 60s influence. It seems the collaboration has been in effect for a few seasons now, as various other blogs discovered various other seasons. I think this one (a/w 08/09) is my favourite so far, though.



:: Arwen ::


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