Absolutely hatty


These curious hats would definitely elicit a double-take from me if I saw someone wearing one. I noticed them in the pages of So-En magazine recently – the designer, an Austrian called Eva Kim Heu, exhibited as part of the recent Tokyo design festival. I’m also pretty sure she’s the model in the photos above. (The fact that she looks like a young Bjork probably does her designs no harm).

The hats themselves are made from felt and very flapperish, as you can see. I feel you’d need a delicate dropped-waist dress and a pair of long gloves to make them really work – or a modern version of the same. The same designer also does the hats/circles below, which are closer to wearable art than functional headgear as such. I like the idea, and can see someone pulling it off, but that person is not me. I don’t have a good track record with hats (I can still see myself in a Legionnaire’s hat at school – so practical, so dorky).


:: Arwen ::



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2 responses to “Absolutely hatty

  1. I adore hats and love this cloche. It’s so very cute. I do like the discs too, but have no idea where I’d wear them. Maybe you’d just don them, tilt your chin up and dare people to say something.

    • I love cloches too, but finally got my hair cut, so want to enjoy my new hair for a bit. I’ve just spent the last two weeks in hats and strategically placed scarves, attempting to hide my bad hair…

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