Green is the new black

You may have noticed a strange, temporary structure that’s gone up recently at Fed Square. It’s the Greenhouse by Joost, described as ‘guerilla gastronomy’, and it’s made entirely from recycled and recyclable materials. It’s also a cafe/bar, and according to the Greenhouse website, this is what to expect: “tiny ‘taste-tubes’ (science laboratory ware is just some of the discard to double as dishes) will be served by vintage-dressed waiters wheeling ‘de-registered’ shopping trolleys around furniture made from found ‘stuff’.”

Sadly, the test-tubes, vintage-dressed waiters and shopping trolleys were not in evidence today when Kate and I visited. Instead, a normal-looking waiter served us some tiny, delicious sandwiches at $8 a pop – it seems guerilla gastronomy is not cheap. Seated on chairs made from recycled stuff, we admired the wild strawberries growing from the walls (in plastic containers) and drank water from jam jars. The whole place reminded me of a deluxe squat or share house (probably the jam jars… or maybe the uncomfortable furniture). Of course, everything in the place is impeccably green, although I noticed the cutlery was made from wood, which seemed a bit dodgy (surely it’s better to have metal cutlery to wash and reuse?). We went upstairs to check out the rooftop garden (from whence some of the produce in those tiny sandwiches is said to come), and it’s quite lovely – looks to be a good place for a drink on a summer’s evening.

Greenhouse by Joost
Next to ACMI at Federation Square
Melbourne VIC 3000
Open until January 29 2009

:: Arwen ::


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