That time of year


Are Christmas cards just a a tiresome obligation? In a previous workplace, each year at Christmas I’d receive a collection of paper-thin, bulk-bought cards from various coworkers, all of which had the most token of token messages inside. Why frickin’ bother? Yes, Christmas is essentially an empty ritual of pagan origins, but if you’re going to give a card, it doesn’t have to be part of the same empty ritual. And less is definitely more. (And grey is the new black. Etc.)

I opted out of the whole commercial-Christmas-card thing a couple of years ago and will once again make my own cards this year. Nonetheless, I’ve noticed the complete dearth of good Christmas cards in shops in Melbourne. What is with all this gold-foiled reindeer crap? Even the best cards I’ve seen are still, well, not very good. Making your own cards becomes a creative challenge in avoiding Christmas cliches – how can you indicate Christmas without whacking a great big snowman on the front? I like the options above from Solitaire.

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  1. I niggled last year for an email Christmas card for work contacts and colleagues and got one. Yah. This year I only had to niggle once and there it was. So that’s the professional thing done. I am printing my own this year and will send them out with handwritten letters. I have already emailed a pre-silly season catch up to people – because lets face it there are few people I have actual home addresses for these days, but I will print my own cards for those people I do have a postal address for.

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