Freeway tragic


Oh my God. The day has come when I am blogging about a freeway. Yes, a frickin’ great road that bisects the eastern suburbs of Melbourne from north to south. I am not a fan of cars or freeways, but since this one has already been built, I’ll grudgingly admit that Eastlink is good. Actually, kind of cool. For a road. Why? Well, it’s a proper freeway, for a start – unlike the Monash freeway once it hits Richmond and becomes a two-lane donkey trail into town. The road itself is very smooth and there’s good signage. All of these things would indicate that the freeway has been built ‘properly’, i.e. not on the cheap (Burnley Tunnel, anyone?). And lastly, someone involved in Eastlink thought it would be a good idea to employ designers and artists in the construction of the freeway. What a wild idea – blatantly obvious, but rarely put into action.

As a result, Eastlink has colourful, visually interesting noise barriers, neon pedestrian overpasses and a selection of modern art for your viewing pleasure placed at various junctures, like the bird below. My favourite installation (which I couldn’t get a photo of) was a stark white building that looked like an East Berlin office block, with the sign ‘HOTEL’ on the front. I wonder if anyone’s stopped there to see about a room.



The photo above is not one of the sculptures but might as well be. A cluster of cranes gather to nuzzle and groom by the side of the freeway.

:: Arwen ::


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