Of books and covers


I constantly judge books by their cover. I suspect everyone does – in the bookstore as in life. Jack Cheng has taken this idea one step further and actually created a site where you can judge a book by its cover and give it a star rating based on your impression. Then you get to see how your rating compares with the ‘official’ Amazon rating. Of course, the star rating on Amazon is based on the opinions of those who have actually read the book… whereas your opinion is completely, delightfully uninformed. How interesting it is to see how often (or not) you match the Amazon rating. This little game could at best save you tonnes of reading time, or at worst, kill a couple of minutes pleasantly.

PS. The humping toothbrush glamour shot above rates a paltry one star on my personal Judge-a-Meter… Amazon says four stars (but with a different cover, so I feel vindicated).

:: Arwen ::


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