Channel some Chanel


Although I pass through the city twice a week or so, my visits consist of getting on and getting off trams and trying to avoid that scummy bit of Flinders Street between the station and Flinders Lane. The only other time I’m in the city is for dinner, when all the shops are closed – and so it was that I noticed the darkened shop front of De Mille Decorative Arts in Crossley Street recently. A daytime excursion proved fruitful.

This weeny little shop is a shrine to Art-Deco chic and crammed with everything from vintage luggage to furniture, crockery, jewellery, clothing and a range of difficult-to-classify bibelots, like vintage cosmetics containers. If it sounds a little like this shop, it’s not a million miles off – but the collection at De Mille is more Coco Chanel than Mother Hubbard. Owner Daryl is more than happy to talk (for, er, hours) about the whys and wherefores of the shop, and most objects are in good condition because of his selective buying.


There were many desirable objects in store – the sort that make you think, ‘Yeah… this would look great at my place. Sure, it doesn’t match with any of my Ikea furniture but it’s an investment piece that’ll add character and sophistication to my 24-square-foot flat.’ With that in mind, I think I need more glamorous occasions or a much larger home to justify a purchase.

De Mille Decorative Arts
7 Crossley Street
Melbourne VIC 3000
+61 (0)3 9663 9666
Open from midday only.

:: Arwen ::



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2 responses to “Channel some Chanel

  1. It looks fabulous. Oh, why do I not have stores like that near me. Boo hoo.

  2. Is it because you don’t live in a city? In which case you probably have fresh air and lots of trees to console you? Or at least no buses running up and down your street outside your bedroom window?

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