Joyeux anniversaire


Today is P’s birthday. If I’d been more organised, this is what I would have got him – thanks to Reap What I Sew. Actually, I lie. This is too cutesy for P. And I was organised, in any case, so I’d already gotten him something – but I can’t blog about it yet because it hasn’t been unwrapped. I like the illustration style for the tile above, but I’m not sure who I’d give it to with a message like that. The same applies to the print below, also from Reap What I Sew. Sure, matryoshka are everywhere at the moment, but they’re still interesting in a slightly creepy way. If I gave this to someone as a gift, though, would they interpret the message as me trying to tell them that they’re ugly but nice anyway? Or would they just be infuriated with the lack of punctuation on the first two matryoshka?


:: Arwen ::


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